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J Terotech Limited is a contracting and consultancy company who specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of roofs, buildings and structures.

Our team of facilities and project managment professionals have over 40 years' experience in advising, identifying, analysing and solving the problems of weather-proofing and water-proofing in the construction industry.

We use state of the art technology, product and support services to offer a professional turnkey operation, encompassing intial investigation, recommendation, specification, system selection, implementation and on-site quality control - all tailored to the individual client requirements.

From trouble-shooting repair projects to long-term maintenance programmes - our in-depth knowledge and professional approach will guarantee a cost effective solution.

Our Turnkey Approach


We offer a bespoke project management service providing fast and effective solutions to problems of building maintenance, repair and refurbishment.


We provide full project management and building advisory services on all aspects of weather-proofing, water-proofing, decking, walk ways, glazing, cladding and insulation.


We use the latest thermographic techniques to identify wet and defective areas requiring insulation and protection, and support our findings with detailed physical and visual inspections.


Our technical experts carry out detailed inspections to identify and diagnose structural defects, before recommending treatment or embarking on repair, restoration or replacement work.


We work in conjunction with the worlds' leading manufacturers of protection products for the construction industry to recommend and specify the best, most appropriate systems.


We offer a flexible, full-service operation, gearing products, services and services to individual situations - the same principle applies to our nationwide network of approved contractors.

Site Service

Terotech operates a programme of rigid supervision on both contracted and in-house projects, with on-site training, instruction, advice and supervision available on completion and beyond.


All of our specified systems carry manufacturer warranties up to 20 years on materials and labour. We can arrange preventative and remedial maintenance and upkeep programmes.

Clients & Partners

Our Services

We provide our clients with a full management and advisory service for fast, effective solutions to the problems of building maintenance, repair and refurbishment.

For both existing buildings and new structures, we can provide specific services focusing on an individual aspect of a project; or a complete, fully comprehensive and tailored package.

With the increasing complexity of products, systems and services required for refurbishment and redevelopment, Terotech have responded by offering a professional project management service.

Our aim is to accurately assess our clients' needs and plan viable ways of answering their requirements in property, building and operational terms. From inception to completion, our project managers will provide supervision, co-ordination and full information at all times - a binding commitment to our clients' best interests providing the correct solutions, completed on time and within budget.

  • New building maintenance projects
  • On-site supervision
  • Total co-ordination and control
  • Competitive costing
  • Computer-aided project planning
  • Professional management team
  • Control of specification, programme and budget
  • After sales service, reviews and inspections

Our team of building professionals have over 40 years' experience in the property, construction and maintenance sector. With no contractual tie-up to materials or products, we can provide the best solution to a specific problem or situation. Our service is geared to meeting the exact needs of our clients with no resort to short-term financial gain.

  • Independent advice and recommendations
  • Access to latest systems and solutions
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Comprehensive survey, report and specifications
  • Systems and materials reports
  • Advice on existing specifications
  • Independent laboratory testing

Our service ranges from repairs through planned maintenance programmes to complete renewal, taking into account factors such as design and thermal performance. With unrivalled knowledge of the systems available in todays' market, we utlise the latest technology in roofing to select the most cost-effective approach and solution.

  • Early warning systems
  • Flat roof maintenance, replacement and retrofit
  • High performance modified bitumen felts
  • Single ply membranes
  • Sheeting and overcladding
  • Cold and liquid applied systems
  • Asbestos treatment
  • Core cutting and moisture reading
  • Selection of insulation for correct U-values
  • Insurance backed guarantees

It is of paramount importance to select the correct system or solution for this highly specialist area of construction and Terotech can provide the appropriate expertise.

  • Mastics, silicones, polyurethanes, polysulphides, etc.
  • Sealing of cladding and glazing

Our expertise covers the identification and prevention of concrete decay. With concrete used increasingly as a facing material in place of stone it is essential that it is properly maintained, both for aesthetic and structural requirements.

  • Surface and structural testing
  • Problem solving and prevention of re-occurence
  • Specialist advice

A number of factors, including heavy wear and tear, exposure to elements, chemicals, temperature extremes and structural and bridging movement can result in waterproofing problems in these areas.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of protection for a wide range of designs of walkways and car park decks.

  • Range of problem solving systems
  • Specialist systems backed by Agreement Certificates

We have a specialist team of tradesmen who undertake all of our restoration work. These highly skilled operatives have learnt their trade using age-old traditional methods and continue to complete stunning restoration projects.

  • Structural and ornamental stonework
  • Cosmetic repairs to stonework; stone in-plant, stone render & mortar joints
  • Stone sculpture repair
  • Formal front steps, setting out & laying stone flooring indoors & outdoors

We offer a complete service, providing all the necessary equipment and experienced personnel to carry out infra-red surveys. Results can be presented directly to the client, carried out as an independent service or included as part of a wide-ranging report.

We provide one of the leading thermographic services in the UK, utilising state-of-the-art thermal imaging and measurement technology.

  • Checking the integrity of insulation and panel joints in cold and cryogenic storage facilities
  • Location of faults without ripping up the system
  • Inspection of building facbric to detect areas of missing insulation, air tightness and cold bridging
  • Measuring actual heat loss and U-values in walls floors and roofs
  • Detection of boss render and delamination or debonding in concrete structures

Rope access is a modern day technique which involves industrial abseiling being used in everyday business from the major industries, right down to the small domestic projects. With an impeccable safety record, rope access is without doubt, the most cost effective and safest solution to overcoming all height and access projects. With very little disruption to our clients and the general public, Terotech provides a swift and cost effective service, with onsite safety being our number one priority.

All our projects are carried out to BS EN 7985 & ASTM E2505-07. All our technicians are trained and certified to the industrial rope access trade association (IRATA).

Fall Arrest systems:
Permanent fall arrest systems are the perfect solution for all high level maintenance tasks to be carried out safely. Fall arrest systems come in a variety of styles depending on the nature and location of where it is to be installed. All of our systems can be installed to any structure regardless of size or shape by our team of highly qualified technicians. All our systems comply with BS EN 353-1:2002 & BS EN 795 Class C.

Full lightning protection systems are installed to divert high levels of electrical current from lightning strikes safely to the ground. Their purpose is to take the current to earth and to ensure the continued functioning of equipment, the protection of the structure and the safety of people on the site.

Terotech offers a comprehensive lightning protection and earthing service which includes the supply and installation of surge protection devices.

Terotech also supply services for:

Tackling the primary cause and specifying a range of approaches and solutions, including loaded renders, built up rubber polymer latex coatings, self adhesive external membranes, plus linings for land fill sites, ponds and other specialist tanking problems.

Sheeting & Cladding
Calling on up-to-date high performance products and systems from major manufacturers.


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